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The City - Formerly known as San Francisco, this place is now a utopia and a place of egalitarian practices in tune with the Four Sacred Things of air, earth, fire, and water.

Angel City - Formerly Los Angeles, this city has been renamed as the Stewards and Millennialists shun any Spanish words. The focus of the Stewards' operations in the southern part of California, this city is in ruins.

The Hive - Melissa, a group of women who sacrifice their singular human identities to join, initiates the Madrone in this location.

The Council - An egalitarian form of governance, this group is consensus-based, ensuring everyone can accept the decision made. The group includes all professions and neighborhoods in the City and also includes representatives of the Four Sacred Things.

The Black Dragon House - The location where Maya, Madrone, Bird, Nita, Holybear, and Sage all reside...

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