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Chapter 1

• The City has been formed as a post-apocalyptic egalitarian community. The City celebrates the Day of the Reaper.

• Maya climbs a hill and describes how the city has changed.
• The City appears to be on the edge of an epidemic, and Madrone is exhausted trying to heal the disease energetically. Madrone recently lost her lover Sandy because of this disease.

• Madrone and Maya travel to the shrine of the Four Sacred Things. Madrone leaves a stone in commemoration of her recently deceased lover.
• Madrone and Maya continue on to the festival.

• Maya is asked to speak about the Four Old Women.

Chapter 2

• Maya's grandson Bird awakens in jail sharing a bed with Littlejohn. Bird is confused and does not remember how he got there.

• Littlejohn tells Bird that he has been imprisoned for ten years and is now in Angel City, formerly Los Angeles.
• Bird tries to...

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