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Lynne McTaggart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wrote Principia?
(a) Newton.
(b) Bohr.
(c) Einstien.
(d) Schrodinger.

2. _____ is mentioned in the book as being hailed the great white hope of heart disease prevention.
(a) Psychokinesis.
(b) Aspirin.
(c) Exercise.
(d) Water memory.

3. How does the author describe Ed Mitchell's looks?
(a) As cosmopolitan.
(b) As Midwestern.
(c) As rugged.
(d) As New England.

4. What was Robert Jahn's reason for returning to Princeton and joining the aeronautical engineering department in the early 1960's?
(a) Electric propulsion.
(b) Gas propulsion.
(c) Remote viewing.
(d) Psychic navigation.

5. From his position as dean of an engineering school in the 1970's, Robert Jahn realized that the world stood poised on the brink of a major _____.
(a) Economic challenge.
(b) Rise in introspection.
(c) Stock market crash.
(d) Computer revolution.

6. What was the profession of the one woman who believed Fritz-Albert Popp's theory that there was light in the human body?
(a) A photochemist.
(b) An immunobiologist.
(c) A neurochemist.
(d) A medium.

7. The electromagnetic frequencies that Jacques Benveniste studied in his experiments corresponded with frequencies _____.
(a) Of fusion.
(b) Of light.
(c) In the audio range.
(d) In the atmosphere.

8. _____ claimed that the weaker the solution, the more powerful its effect.
(a) Homeopathy.
(b) Accupuncture.
(c) Chiropractic.
(d) Nerobiology.

9. Who was the previous countryman Jacques Benveniste is compared to in the book?
(a) Louis Pasteur.
(b) Rene Descartes.
(c) Marie Curie.
(d) Emmanuel Kant.

10. What was Walter Stewart called as part of the group of people that the editor of Nature Magazine dubbed?
(a) A psychic.
(b) A school teacher.
(c) A quackbuster.
(d) An engineer.

11. What is the use of solar cells for energy production called?
(a) Solargenesis.
(b) Photovoltaics.
(c) Solarkinesis.
(d) Photokineses.

12. Robert Jahn's view of parapsychology was that it was thought of by the scientific establishment as being the province of _____.
(a) Politicians and evangelists.
(b) Confidence tricksters and magicians.
(c) Business people.
(d) Sinister CIA operatives.

13. What year did Fritz-Albert Popp think he had found a cure for cancer?
(a) 1960.
(b) 1980.
(c) 1990.
(d) 1970.

14. The word for cell coordination and communication is _____.
(a) Festspielgamung.
(b) Synaptic regenesis.
(c) Gestaltbildung.
(d) Gravitational emission.

15. Frequency is usually measured in ______________.
(a) Amps.
(b) Inches.
(c) Hertz.
(d) Volts.

Short Answer Questions

1. The ability of a quantum entity to influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance despite there being no change of force or energy is called _____.

2. How does the author categorize J. B. Rhine?

3. The Newtonian view of physics says that everything works in a _____ manner.

4. Who dubbed Jacques Benveniste's experiments "the memory of water"?

5. Physicists view perfectly random activity as _____.

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