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Holly Black
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mallory think about what is on the floor?
(a) That the dead rat made the tracks before it died.
(b) That Jared made the tracks.
(c) That a mouse made the tracks.
(d) She says they are not tracks.

2. What are Mallory and Simon doing when Jared next sees them?
(a) Planting strawberries.
(b) Riding their horses.
(c) Fencing.
(d) Planting acorns.

3. What is missing from the house?
(a) Mallory's fencing blade.
(b) The gold coins in the office.
(c) Simon's pet mice.
(d) The secret books.

4. What does Jared find when he climbs the staircase?
(a) A huge bird's nest.
(b) A trombone case.
(c) A cask.
(d) A small room.

5. What do Brownies become when they get mad?
(a) All puffed up.
(b) Boggarts.
(c) Shapparts.
(d) Invisible.

6. What does Jared think may be in a trunk he finds?
(a) A body.
(b) Newspapers.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Clothes.

7. What does the book describe?
(a) How to survive in the wilderness.
(b) How to survive a ghost haunting.
(c) Birds and animals of the area.
(d) Faeries and mystical creatures.

8. What does Jared think will help the creature to be nicer?
(a) The humans moving.
(b) Giving it a new house.
(c) Leaving it something everyday.
(d) Leaving it the Field Guide.

9. What intensifies Helen Grace's concerns about Jared's morning activities?
(a) Jared is not as atheletic as Mallory or Simon and is too clumsy to climb high trees.
(b) That he did not do his home study lesson plans before going out.
(c) Her thoughts about his possible culpability concerning Mallory's hair and bruises.
(d) Jared has epilepsy and could have an attack while climbing.

10. What does Simon believe about Jared?
(a) That he is not guilty.
(b) That he is guilty but has a good reason.
(c) That he is the worse brother one could have.
(d) Simon has not opinion yet about Jared's actions.

11. What happens when Jared distracts Simon?
(a) Simon falls and breaks his wrist.
(b) Mallory gets another point.
(c) Simon falls and twists his ankle.
(d) Something flies out of Simon's hair.

12. What does Jared have to do before he can finish his tracking efforts?
(a) Take a bath.
(b) Take out the garbage.
(c) Go to bed.
(d) Clean up the flour.

13. What does Jared suggest about a poem?
(a) It was written by their great-uncle.
(b) It might provide a clue as to what happened to Mallory.
(c) It was planted intentionally.
(d) It is a red herring.

14. What do Simon and Mallory exchange?
(a) Journals.
(b) Books.
(c) Descriptions.
(d) A strange glance.

15. Why is Simon crying?
(a) He tripped down the stairs and twisted his ankle.
(b) He has bruises on his arm.
(c) Mallory beat him again in fencing.
(d) His cat is missing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jared decide to go?

2. Who turns on the light in the kitchen while Jared is waiting?

3. About what is Simon talking at the table?

4. What does a note say that the children find?

5. What does Jared think he is dealing with as far as what attacked Mallory?

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