The Field Guide Short Essay - Answer Key

Holly Black
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1. What does the note at the beginning of the book say, and what does the book store clerk give the authors? What is the authors' response?

The book begins with a typed note to the reader, stating the long-term interest of the writer Holly Black, and the illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi in faeries. At a book signing, they are told that there is a letter for them from the Grace children. They pass a note back to the bookstore clerk, who assures them it will get to the Graces.

2. What do the Grace children tell Ms. Black when they meet?

The Grace children assure Ms. Black and the illustrator Mr. Diterlizzi that they know a lot about faeries, and that through the author and illustrator are willing to a share a book they found about faeries. The Grace children also want to share their knowledge of faeries and other creatures with readers of Ms. Black's books.

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