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Holly Black
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The Old Victorian House

This is the new home of the Grace children and their mother Helen Grace.

The Dumbwaiter

This is a string-pulley operated lift from the kitchen to the second floor.

The Library

This is a room that is accessed through the dumbwaiter.

The Picture of Arthur Spiderwick

This is located on the wall of the library.

The Pet Mice, Jeffrey and Lemondrop

Simon has two of these pets.

The Tadpoles

Simon collects these around the old Victorian house.

The note in the Library, the Poem

When Jared first gets into the library he finds this, which is a sort of riddle.

The Field Guide Book

Jared finds this, written by Arthur Spiderwick.

The Trunk

Jared locates this in a little room on top of the attic.

The Attic

This is a large room located upstairs from the second floor of the house.

The Little Room

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