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Holly Black
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Introduction, Chapter 1

• In the Introduction there is a typed letter to the reader that discusses Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi's long time interest in faeries.

• Holly and Tony receive a letter from the Grace children. Holly gives a note to the bookstore clerk for the children.

• A package comes for Holly a few days later and then she meets with Mallory, Jared and Simon Grace.

• The Grace children tell Ms. Black that they know a lot about faeries and are willing to share a book they have.
• Besides the book, the children want to share their knowledge of faeries and other creatures with Ms. Black's readers.

• Jared thinks his sister, Mallory, will be an Olympic fencer or an assassin and his brother, Simon, will work with animals.

• Jared has no such feelings about his future as he stands in front of his new home, an old Victorian house...

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