Objects & Places from The Fencing Master

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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Madrid, Spain

This is the main setting of the novel.


This is the most common weapon used in fencing.


This is the protective jacket worn by fencers. It takes it name from a part of the shell of turtles.

Two-hundred-escudo thrust

This is a fencing technique that Don Jaime invented. He teaches it to worthy students for a fee.

Paris Academy of Arms

At the time that Don Jaime attends, this is the most prestigious fencing academy in Europe.

Civil Guard

This police force is in charge of combating the anti-monarchy demonstrations.

Café Progreso

This is where Don Jaime meets with his discussion group. The men have coffee and toast and argue about politics.

Lefaucheux revolver

This is a French pistol designed by Casimir Lefaucheux. A former student gave one as a gift to Don Jaime, and he arms himself with it near the close of...

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