The Fencing Master Fun Activities

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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Master and Student.

Think of a subject that you know a lot about, write done all you know and pair up with someone who knows nothing about the subject. Your aim is to try to pass on your superior knowledge. You should then pass what you have written down to another classmate and ask them to test your student.

Paper and Scissors Tournament.

Organize a paper-scissors-rock tournament. After a round robin, the top sixteen players move into the second round. The winners of the second round play a quarter final and so forth. The number of games of paper scissor rock should increase as the tournament progresses. So the people in the round robin play the best of three and the people in the final play the best of 15.


Write a Haiku which you think summarizes the book.

Guess the Character.

Choose one of the characters from...

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