The Fencing Master Character Descriptions

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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Don Jaime Astarloa - He appears frail, but this is deceiving because he is in excellent physical condition. He has a full head of white hair. His taste in clothing is considered tasteful but old fashioned. His physical traits and his choice of fashion combine to give the impression of a man frozen in time.

Dona Adela de Otero - She is in her mid twenties with black hair, and she is tall for a woman. She has a thin build, and her violet eyes are captivating. She has a scar at the right corner of her mouth.

Luis de Ayala-Velate y Vallespin, the Marques de los Alumbre - He is also one of the best swordsmen in Madrid, and that skill serves him well because he has a tendency to get into trouble with jealous husbands.

Chief of Police Jenaro Campillo - This man initially comes...

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