Objects & Places from The Feast of All Saints

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This is a large cane plantation, which belonged to Magloire Dazincourt.

Ste. Marie Cottage

This is a place in the book that is built at the request of Magloire Dazincourt.


This is a table that belongs to Aglae that has gone missing.

Mercier House

This is a three-story dilapidated old mansion in which Juliet lives.

Lermontant House

This is the home of Marcel's best friend, Richard, which is decorated in fine lace curtains and has a large fan window over the front door.

The Boarding House

This is where Anna Bella Monroe is raised by Madame Elsie, after her parents are killed.

Anna Bella's House

Vincent Dazincourt builds this house as a part of a romantic arrangement.

Lola Dedé 's House

This is a dilapidated home where a woman entertains white gentlemen and sells them the privilege of deflowering young colored women.

Cabinet Shop

This place...

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