The Feast of All Saints Character Descriptions

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Marcel Ste. Marie

This person is of mixed blood and considered a free gentleman of color.

Richard Lermontant

This person is a privileged free man of color who is a man wise beyond his years and is inclined to taking a wiser course of actions.

Marie Ste. Marie

This woman is of such a light color that she could pass for a white woman.

Christophe Mercier

This person has traveled to Paris for ten years and has now returned to become a teacher for the young gentlemen of color in New Orleans.

Anna Bella Monroe

This person is forced to relinquish her time with a man as she has come of age to be courted by a suitor who is still very young.

Juliet Mercier

This person has a reputation of being a mad woman.

Cecile Ste. Marie

This person is the daughter of a rich plantation owner...

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