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Section 1-Volume 1, Part 1, Section 1-Volume 1, Part 1, Section 4

• The story begins by introducing the main character, Marcel Ste. Marie, who is thinking about his hero, a writer named Christophe Mercier.

• Marcel is a young man of color living in New Orleans during the 1800s.

• Marcel is expelled from school early on in the book, and his best friend Richard Lermontant argues for his reinstatement.

• When Marcel's mother, Cecile, finds out about his expulsion she is furious.
• Marcel goes to speak with Christophe's mother, Juliet, about her son's return from Paris.

• Juliet then asks him if he would read some letters her son sent to her because she cannot read.

• Juliet soon seduces Marcel into sleeping with her and they fall asleep together in her bed.

Section 2-Volume 1, Part 1, Section 4-Volume 1, Part 1, Section 5

• Marcel awakes in Juliet's bed to find his hero Christophe staring down at them.

• Juliet is happy...

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