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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters have plans to become the next owner of the Wideacre estate?
(a) Ralph.
(b) Clary.
(c) Matthew Merry.
(d) Richard.

2. What terrible incident happens to the house that Julia was raised in as a child?
(a) It is swept up by a tornado.
(b) It is destroyed by a bomb.
(c) It is burned down.
(d) It is swept away by a monsoon.

3. Where does Julia typically have her daydreams?
(a) While taking very hot baths.
(b) While wandering through Wideacre estates.
(c) While lying in her bed.
(d) While chewing on tobacco leaves.

4. In what century was Julia born?
(a) In the 1900s.
(b) In the 1800s.
(c) In the 1600s.
(d) In the 1700s.

5. What impediment affects Matthew Merry?
(a) He is blind.
(b) He is mute.
(c) He stutters.
(d) He is deaf.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Julia when her father died?

2. After discussing Richard's temper with Julia, what does Ralph call Richard?

3. What does Julia do with the extra trees from her orchard?

4. Who convinces Julia that if she believes in her dream she must warn the villagers?

5. How does Ralph respond to Uncle John's plan when Richard presents it to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the visit to the village, what interesting visions does Julia begin to have regarding Ralph Megson?

2. How do the villagers respond after hearing Julia's dream?

3. How is Ralph Megson welcomed to Wideacre estate?

4. How does Julia meet Clary Dench?

5. How does Celia respond to the constant comparison of Julia's looks to her sister Beatrice's?

6. What is the reaction among Wideacre estates to Uncle John's payment plan?

7. How does Celia respond to starting a school for the village children.

8. How does Richard respond to the news that Julia is going to be sent away?

9. How does Julia respond to being asked to orchestrate the planting of an apple orchard?

10. What happens when Julia, RIchard, and Ralph go into the village in search of Julia's lost glove?

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