The Favored Child Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Julia has a recurring dream in which she is clutching her infant baby to her chest, walking through the pouring rain down to the river where she plans to drown the child.

• The book then transports the reader to present day, with Julia reminiscing about her childhood. She knows that her aunt Beatrice was killed by the people of Wideacre, and the family mansion burned down. Julia's father died on that same night.

• Julia was only two-years-old when she and her cousin Richard were taken to live with Julia's mother and stepfather.

• Richard is a bully, who manages to charm everyone in the house, although Julia refers to him as her dearest friend. Julia childishly wishes to marry Richard one day and works toward becoming the perfect spouse.

• While spending some time staying with Grandmamma, Julia learns to bow to authority, and that in life all...

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