The Fault in Our Stars Character Descriptions

John Green (author)
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Hazel Lancaster

This protagonist and narrator of the novel is a seventeen-year-old girl living with cancer.

Augustus Waters

This character is a seventeen-year-old boy that the protagonist meets at support group. He is a cancer survivor but he is attending the meeting because his friend asked him to attend. He wears a prosthetic leg after having had his leg removed due to cancer.


This member of the cancer support group has cancer that has caused him to lose one of his eyes. He also wears glasses that have such a strong prescription that the lenses look like coke bottles.


This character is the leader of the cancer support group. He is a survivor of testicular cancer.

Mrs. Lancaster

This character is the protagonist’s mother. She accompanies her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend to Amsterdam.


This character is one of the protagonist’s friends...

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