The Fault in Our Stars Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Green (author)
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Chapter 1

• The Fault in Our Stars is a novel by author John Green; the story follows protagonist Hazel Grace Lancaster as she battles cancer.

• In the winter of Hazel’s seventeenth year, her mother begins to think she is depressed. Hazel says depression is one of the side effects listed in the cancer pamphlets that she reads.

• Hazel describes the cancer survivor support group her mother forces her to attend.

• One Wednesday afternoon, Hazel is arguing with her mom about going to support group; she relents because she says the only thing worse than dying of cancer is disappointing her parents.

• Because her thyroid cancer has gotten into her lungs, Hazel has an oxygen tank, so she wheels it in to the church where the group meets when her mom drops her off for the meeting.

• Hazel is getting lemonade from the refreshment table when she notices a...

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