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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who appears and is injured?
(a) Mrs. Horner.
(b) Hollom.
(c) Higgins.
(d) Horner.

2. Why does the ship's mood improve over the next few days?
(a) Aubrey has ordered extra rations and a few fingers of whiskey for each crew member.
(b) The wailing seems to bring them good luck.
(c) The wailing ceases.
(d) Hollom and Horner are both gone.

3. Why is Maturin furious when Aubrey turns to the open seas?
(a) He thinks the crew needs some shore time.
(b) He is not upset.
(c) He wanted to gather some fruit to prevent scurvy.
(d) He had wanted to go ashore on the Galapagoes.

4. What does Aubrey do when Maturin tells him what the crew is discussing?
(a) They search the ship for Higgins.
(b) Aubrey says they will never find Higgins by now and has Horner arrested.
(c) Shrugs and says sometimes the crew has to solve things among themselves.
(d) They take Horner to the infirmary and arrest Higgins.

5. What do Maturin and Martin find fascinating about Juan Fernandez Island?
(a) A plant that has sedating properties.
(b) The immunity the natives seem to have to certain diseases.
(c) The geology of the island.
(d) The flora and fauna.

6. How does Aubrey get updated information about the ship he is chasing?
(a) The natives describe a ship that could be the Constitution.
(b) There are British whalers in the longboat.
(c) A British man-o-war is patrolling the area.
(d) He is unable to get any recent information.

7. How does Surprise get off the mud bank?
(a) The crew has to dig her out.
(b) They lighten the ship and wait for the tide to come in.
(c) She is pulled.
(d) The hole in the hull is repaired and the water is pumped out which allows her to float off it.

8. Who rescues Aubrey and Maturin?
(a) A French frigate.
(b) A British whaler.
(c) Some women on an outrigger.
(d) An American whaler.

9. What does Mrs. Horner claim about her husband?
(a) He will kill her if he learns she is pregnant.
(b) He has syphilis.
(c) He is suicidal.
(d) He is having an affair with another wife on the ship.

10. What becomes evident as the days pass?
(a) Maturin is ready to retire and go home to Dianna.
(b) Aubrey's son is dying.
(c) Surprise is extensively damaged.
(d) Hollom has to be fired.

11. Why does Aubrey push the crew so hard?
(a) They have gotten lazy in port.
(b) Trying to catch up to the Norfolk.
(c) Trying to catch up to the Constitution.
(d) They have been grumbling about mutiny.

12. Maturin falls overboard by _____________.
(a) Getting caught in the loop of a line and trips.
(b) Trying to catch small animals with a net.
(c) Leaning too far over the bow.
(d) Slipping off the rigging.

13. What news comes to Maturin when he is trying to decide what to tell Aubrey?
(a) Horner has hung himself.
(b) Higgins has been found drowned in the bilge tanks.
(c) Higgins is tied to the main mast.
(d) Horner is throwing up all over the poop deck.

14. What is nailed to the craft's stem in the boat that rescues Aubrey and Maturin?
(a) Human skulls.
(b) Human bones.
(c) Human scrotums.
(d) Human scalps.

15. What joins Surprise as they are slipping through the islands?
(a) A longboat.
(b) An Indiaman.
(c) A few native canoes.
(d) A French privateer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Surprise encounter and capture?

2. In what condition is the pilot when Surprise is leaving?

3. What do the crewmen of the Surprise urge the Whalers to do?

4. What happens when Horner is taken to sick berth?

5. What happens a few days after Mrs. Horner talks to Maturin?

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