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Surprise - A British man-of-war captained by Jack Aubrey.

Gibraltar - The novel opens in this British port on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula.

São Francisco - A major Brazilian river that drains into the Atlantic.

Cape Horn - The most southerly point of South America and notorious for hazardous winds, large waves, strong currents, and occasional icebergs.

Juan Fernandez - Located about 350 nautical miles west of Chile.

Uncharted Islet - Where Maturin and Aubrey are dropped by some Amazon-like Polynesian women.

Old Sodbury's Island - An uncharted island in the South Pacific, which is ringed by a large and dangerous reef.

USS Norfolk - An American ship of war sent from New England to the South Pacific.

Aspasia - A goat aboard Surprise, retained for her milk.

Galapagos Islands - These are about 525 nautical miles west of Ecuador.

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