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Chapters 1 and 2

• HMS Surprise, under the captaincy of Jack Aubrey puts into port at Gibraltar after many adventures in the Mediterranean.

• Aubrey entertains the Fieldings, a couple with whom he has had previous dealings. Mrs. Fielding was a passenger aboard his ship at one time.

• Rumors floated that Aubrey and then Stephen Maturin both or one or the other had an affair with Mrs. Fielding though both are false.

• Midshipman Hollom is unable to achieve promotion and is stranded at Gibraltar and penniless.

• Aubrey knows Hollom to be competent, though aging and does not particularly want him but feels compelled to offer him a position.

• Maturin also meets up with an old friend, Rev. Martin and Aubrey agrees to take him also as a teacher of all the young midshipmen.

• Maturin receives a letter from his wife, Diana about the rumors of him and Mrs. Fielding and would...

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