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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Azaro's father decide to train as?

2. Who says "one way or another we are all spies"?

3. Who fights with Azaro about sitting on the van and then they later become friends?

4. The rainy season ends and with that, who supposedly dreams of being chased by a lizard?

5. Who is angry with Azaro and creates a hole in his path on his spirit journey?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Azaro's father decides to train as a boxer, what happens to lead Azaro to withdraw into himself?

2. While withdrawn, what happens with Azaro in the spirit world?

3. What happens with Azaro's father after he defeats the Green Leopard, and who does Azaro's mother call to help him?

4. What happens when the eyes and lights come back to watch Azaro's father shadowboxing at night?

5. Why does Madame Koto finally hire a driver for her newly purchased car?

6. How does Azaro's father change after encountering the spirit in his sleep that the priest of the roads helped him fight?

7. How does the three-headed spirit die, and who kills him?

8. How are Helen and the beggars connected?

9. What do the beggars that follow Azaro do once they are in the bar?

10. What is going on with food in Azaro's home in Book 8?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

From Book Eight discuss Madame Koto's power, how she gets it, and how she uses it.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout Book Two, Azaro notices spirits in the bar on several occasions, and at the end of the Book he sees spirits rising up to join the crowd just before they clash with the thugs. What connections are there between incidents that occur immediately before or after Azaro sees spirits in this Book?

Essay Topic 3

What is abikus? Compare and contrast Ade and Azaro's life as abikus. Use story details.

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