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Short Answer Questions

1. Who distracts Azaro's father during his fight with the man in the white suit?

2. Where does the man come from that boxes Azaro's father at night by the swamp?

3. Who yells at Azaro to get out of his father's dream?

4. Who plays music while Azaro's father is recovering from the boxing match with the boxer that disappeared?

5. Who says abiku is like Azaro?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the beggars that follow Azaro do once they are in the bar?

2. How are Helen and the beggars connected?

3. Why are the gods angry with Azaro, and what do they do about it while he is on his journey with the three-headed spirit?

4. Who is Ade, how does Azaro meet him, and what happens when he walks with Azaro in the woods?

5. Why does Koto come to Azaro in his sleep, and what happens?

6. The four-headed spirit came to Azaro in different forms. What are they and how does Azaro respond?

7. How does Azaro's father affect the spirit world while Azaro is withdrawn?

8. What does Azaro's mother pray for and why is she praying?

9. How does Azaro handle the beggars that follow him into the bar in Book 7?

10. When Azaro's father wakes up, what does everyone find out about why he has been the way he is in his sleep after defeating the Green Leopard?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Seven after Azaro killed the lizard, his father comes in and says "A man can wander around the planet and still not move an inch. A man can have so much light in his mind and still not see what's right in front of him... A man can carry the world and still not be able to bear the load of his own head." Using examples from the story, discuss how these statements are true in Azaro's father's life.

Essay Topic 2

In Book One, the story begins with Azaro describing the spirit world's river that became a road. At the end of Book One the story reveals to Azaro that his paternal grandfather was the head priest of the roads. Discuss the magical connections that link this story and its family members.

Essay Topic 3

In Book Five after being beaten by his parents, Azaro withdraws more and more from the world of the living. What does Azaro see on his journey and which people from the world of the living are found on his journey? Which ones affect his journey, and what happens in each instance?

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