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Short Answer Questions

1. While fighting the former robber-turned-boxer, where does Azaro's father disappear to?

2. Who owns the betting shop?

3. What does Azaro's father say about lizards?

4. Who comes to get Ade from Azaro's home and is upset about Ade being out so late?

5. Who comes to visit Azaro's father during his recovery, but leaves because other visitors make this person feel uncomfortable?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Helen and the beggars connected?

2. How does Azaro's father affect the spirit world while Azaro is withdrawn?

3. After Azaro's father decides to train as a boxer, what happens to lead Azaro to withdraw into himself?

4. How does the three-headed spirit die, and who kills him?

5. What happens when Azaro's father fights the man in the white suit?

6. While withdrawn, what happens with Azaro in the spirit world?

7. Who is Ade, how does Azaro meet him, and what happens when he walks with Azaro in the woods?

8. What happens when Madame Koto holds an exclusive party with a tent set up near her bar?

9. What happens with Azaro's father after he defeats the Green Leopard, and who does Azaro's mother call to help him?

10. What is going on with food in Azaro's home in Book 8?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Storms are weaved throughout this story. What is the significance of storms to Azaro's spirit world existence and his life among the living?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout Book Two, Azaro notices spirits in the bar on several occasions, and at the end of the Book he sees spirits rising up to join the crowd just before they clash with the thugs. What connections are there between incidents that occur immediately before or after Azaro sees spirits in this Book?

Essay Topic 3

From Book Eight discuss Madame Koto's power, how she gets it, and how she uses it.

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