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Short Answer Questions

1. Who puts up a tent and throws a private party in Book 7?

2. What color are the eyes watching Azaro's father shadowbox?

3. What does Azaro's father say about lizards?

4. Where does the man come from that boxes Azaro's father at night by the swamp?

5. Who tells Azaro's father to "be what you are"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the beggars that follow Azaro do once they are in the bar?

2. What is going on with food in Azaro's home in Book 8?

3. What happens when Azaro's father fights the man in the white suit?

4. How are Helen and the beggars connected?

5. How does Azaro's father affect the spirit world while Azaro is withdrawn?

6. While withdrawn, what happens with Azaro in the spirit world?

7. How does Azaro's father change after encountering the spirit in his sleep that the priest of the roads helped him fight?

8. The four-headed spirit came to Azaro in different forms. What are they and how does Azaro respond?

9. The more Azaro's father trains, what happens with the villagers, with food for him and his mother, and with his father?

10. Why does Madame Koto finally hire a driver for her newly purchased car?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Five after being beaten by his parents, Azaro withdraws more and more from the world of the living. What does Azaro see on his journey and which people from the world of the living are found on his journey? Which ones affect his journey, and what happens in each instance?

Essay Topic 2

Throughout Book Two, Azaro notices spirits in the bar on several occasions, and at the end of the Book he sees spirits rising up to join the crowd just before they clash with the thugs. What connections are there between incidents that occur immediately before or after Azaro sees spirits in this Book?

Essay Topic 3

In the end, Azaro's father wakes up and gives a speech about basically making the right choices. Discuss how the father's words connect with the overall story in regards to choosing and traveling on a road.

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