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Short Answer Questions

1. As Azaro and his "guide" travel, what flows backward against their travel?

2. After the head beggar is gone, what does Azaro stone to death in the bar?

3. What spirit beggar drinks with Azaro's father in their home?

4. Who is angry with Azaro and creates a hole in his path on his spirit journey?

5. How long does Book 5 say it rains?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Three, Azaro realizes he dislikes Madame Koto for the first time. Why? Also in Book Three, while sitting with Madame Koto after she gets in a rage and throws everyone out of the bar, Azaro concludes that nothing will ever be the same. Discuss this conclusion.

Essay Topic 2

In Book Four there are a lot of changes (with Madame Koto, Azaro, Azaro's father, Azaro's mother, relationships between them and others). Discuss these changes, with examples from the story cited in your response.

Essay Topic 3

In Book Five after being beaten by his parents, Azaro withdraws more and more from the world of the living. What does Azaro see on his journey and which people from the world of the living are found on his journey? Which ones affect his journey, and what happens in each instance?

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