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Short Answer Questions

1. A blind man on the street sees Azaro and chases him to get what so he can see?

2. Who pays Azaro pennies for running errands?

3. Who owns the bar that Azaro's father takes him to for a drink?

4. What does Azaro view as a spirit box?

5. Who takes the weapon from Azaro's father after the men flee?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Azaro wanders into a building in Book 4, what happens?

2. What does the three-headed spirit want with Azaro when he returns to the bar in Book 4?

3. Why does Azaro call on the wind to punish the man at the construction site, and who is he?

4. Chased from the bar in Book 4, what happens to Azaro after he awakens in the forest?

5. Why is it an enigma to Azaro that this time he is born smiling?

6. Why does Azaro no longer like Madame Koto in Book 3?

7. What happens when the creditors come to the house in Azaro's father's absence, and how does he react when he gets home that evening and finds out what they have done?

8. Why is Azaro's mother not doing well at the market place?

9. What happens after the rainy season starts?

10. How does Azaro's father deal with creditors who come to his home to collect his debt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Book Five, the spirits try harder to get Azaro back in their world. How do they do this, what does it trigger, and how does it play out?

Essay Topic 2

Storms are weaved throughout this story. What is the significance of storms to Azaro's spirit world existence and his life among the living?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout Book Two, Azaro notices spirits in the bar on several occasions, and at the end of the Book he sees spirits rising up to join the crowd just before they clash with the thugs. What connections are there between incidents that occur immediately before or after Azaro sees spirits in this Book?

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