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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Azaro do after the spirit girl in the bar keeps blowing out the match every time he lights it for his customer?

2. Who takes the weapon from Azaro's father after the men flee?

3. The man Azaro helps out the back door and away from the thugs chasing him is caught by them and taken where?

4. Who wants the people beaten after the fire in the compound?

5. Who brings palm wine when they arrive for the celebration?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Azaro's father say they would not step foot in the bar again?

2. What vision does Azaro have about the three men in glasses and what does he do about his vision?

3. In Book 4, what happens with Azaro's fathers and the prostitutes at Koto's bar?

4. What happens with the rats after the photographer brings the poison?

5. When Azaro begins sitting at the bar for Madame Koto, what does he notice about the bar's visitors?

6. What happens when the creditors come to the house in Azaro's father's absence, and how does he react when he gets home that evening and finds out what they have done?

7. What happens to Azaro after he runs from the three women?

8. What happens involving the party of the rich and the villagers?

9. Describe what happens to Azaro when he gets lost in the forest walking home from the bar in Book 1.

10. Why does Azaro's father want to fight the new customers in the bar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Azaro's father is sleeping in Book Eight, Azaro walks in his dreams. Describe what he sees and the perceptions he has, and discuss the impact of this on the story.

Essay Topic 2

In Book Seven after Azaro killed the lizard, his father comes in and says "A man can wander around the planet and still not move an inch. A man can have so much light in his mind and still not see what's right in front of him... A man can carry the world and still not be able to bear the load of his own head." Using examples from the story, discuss how these statements are true in Azaro's father's life.

Essay Topic 3

Azaro's father becomes more involved with the spirit world as evidenced in Book Six. Cite specific details involving these interactions and discuss the significance of each to the story and/or its impact on the relationship between father and son.

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