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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What family does not get sick from the milk?
(a) The king's family.
(b) Azaro's family.
(c) They all got sick.
(d) The landlord's family.

2. After escaping his abductors, Azaro awakens the next day and after getting home, what does his father do to him for being late and worrying them?
(a) Beats him.
(b) Feeds him.
(c) Ignores him.
(d) Yells at him.

3. Azaro's father argues with Madame Koto's new customers and challenges them to a fight outside, but they do what?
(a) Ignored his challenge.
(b) Locked him out of the bar.
(c) Laughed at him.
(d) Left the bar.

4. Who owns the bar that Azaro's father takes him to for a drink?
(a) Madame Koto.
(b) It is not stated who owns the bar.
(c) The police officer.
(d) Azaro's grandfather.

5. Whom does Azaro eavesdrop on at the bar?
(a) The women.
(b) Tax collectors.
(c) Male customers.
(d) Merchants.

Short Answer Questions

1. Azaro's name is changed from what when he awakens from a coffin?

2. Azaro wanders to a building where he is bathed and fed, and where he notices what on the walls?

3. How many workers disappear following into the pit to help the first man that fell in?

4. Through his mother's friends, what does Azaro learn about the women now working in Madame Koto's bar?

5. Waiting for the bar to open, Azaro takes a walk in the forest and notices the forest is what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Madame Koto hang the fetish, and why does she decide to close the bar abruptly on the night she had really good business?

2. Who are the three men in glasses looking for, and what happens when they find where this person works?

3. What happens after the rainy season starts?

4. Why is it an enigma to Azaro that this time he is born smiling?

5. What happens with the rats after the photographer brings the poison?

6. What happens when the thugs and villagers clash the night Azaro hides in the van?

7. What happens during the celebration of Azaro's return?

8. According to Azaro's father, what is the story of the King of the Road?

9. Before Azaro is awakened by the photographer returning from the marsh, what is he doing?

10. What happens when the creditors come to the house in Azaro's father's absence, and how does he react when he gets home that evening and finds out what they have done?

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