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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Azaro's father, who eats travelers that do not make sacrifices unto him?
(a) The village god.
(b) The King.
(c) The King of the Road.
(d) The Spirits.

2. Who returns from a hiding place in the swamp, badly beaten, and knocks on the door of Azaro's home?
(a) The landlord.
(b) The photographer.
(c) A construction worker.
(d) One of the thugs.

3. Azaro panics and falls into a deep depression after having a vision of his mother doing what?
(a) Killing herself.
(b) Dying.
(c) Becoming a prostitute.
(d) Leaving his father.

4. Who returns to Azaro's home and talks about killing the rats?
(a) The photographer.
(b) Madame Koto.
(c) The landlord.
(d) A neighbor.

5. Azaro's family fears the other villagers are angry at them because someone had _________________.
(a) Put out their cooking fire.
(b) Water soaked all their fire wood.
(c) Left an animal carcass at their door.
(d) Thrown a pot of oil through the only window.

Short Answer Questions

1. A three-headed spirit walks into the bar and a voice reveals more of Azaro's powers to him. When the vice tells Azaro to close his eyes, he says that Azaro can do what?

2. Azaro's mother's screams awaken him and he finds what everywhere?

3. Who does Azaro start to visit less and less in Book 4?

4. The day after cleaning the house from the celebration, with whom does Azaro go to sell wares?

5. Where do many of Azaro's friends live that call him to the river?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Azaro's mother think the villagers do not like them anymore?

2. Why does Azaro's father say they would not step foot in the bar again?

3. Chased from the bar in Book 4, what happens to Azaro after he awakens in the forest?

4. What happens the second time Azaro is abducted?

5. Why does Azaro no longer like Madame Koto in Book 3?

6. How does Azaro's father deal with creditors who come to his home to collect his debt?

7. What happens with the rats after the photographer brings the poison?

8. What does the three-headed spirit want with Azaro when he returns to the bar in Book 4?

9. In Book 4, what happens with Azaro's fathers and the prostitutes at Koto's bar?

10. What happens to Azaro after he runs from the three women?

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