The Famished Road Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is it an enigma to Azaro that this time he is born smiling?

Paradoxes. According to Azaro the more he wanted to stay the more his birth was hastened. The more time he wanted with coming or going, the more time tightened around his neck. And though he prayed for laughter and a life without hunger his very existence excluded these things.

2. What happens to Azaro after he runs from the three women?

After the cat told Azaro to flee for his life he ended up in the crowed streets, where he saw spirits he tried to ignore so they would not chase him. The voices from the spirit world caused him to faint in the street and he was taken to a police officer's home, where the officer and his wife sat him down for dinner.

3. What does Azaro notice about his new home in Book 1?

Azaro noticed that his new home was smaller and cleaner. Also, he noticed his new home had no spirits.

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