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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Through his mother's friends, what does Azaro learn about the women now working in Madame Koto's bar?
(a) They are unmarried maidens.
(b) They are outcasts and need work.
(c) They are prostitutes.
(d) They are widows.

2. Where do many of Azaro's friends live that call him to the river?
(a) In the spirit world.
(b) In a nearby village.
(c) In his village.
(d) On the other side of the river.

3. Who owns the bar that Azaro's father takes him to for a drink?
(a) The police officer.
(b) It is not stated who owns the bar.
(c) Madame Koto.
(d) Azaro's grandfather.

4. Why do the beggars stay in the village even though they want to leave?
(a) Azaro's father.
(b) Helen.
(c) Azaro.
(d) Ade.

5. Where does the man come from that boxes Azaro's father at night by the swamp?
(a) The bar.
(b) The sky.
(c) The swamp.
(d) The village.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who returns to Azaro's home and talks about killing the rats?

2. After the animal is cooked, why do some of the villagers that come for the celebration get angry?

3. How long does the money last that Azaro brings home from the woods for his family to use?

4. Whose yard is Azaro blown into by the storm?

5. Who plays music while Azaro's father is recovering from the boxing match with the boxer that disappeared?

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