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Lesson 1 (from Book 1)


Book 1

In Book One, Azaro is surprised to learn about his paternal grandfather and his father's spiritual background. This lesson looks at the father-son relations between Azaro and his father, as well as Azaro's father and grandfather.


1) As a class, discuss the relationship between Azaro and his father. Also, discuss the relationship described between Azaro's paternal grandfather and Azaro's father. Are there similarities, differences? Is there a spiritual connection? If so, is it strong, weak, forgotten, nurturing, etc.?

2) With a partner, have students consider moments in the story when Azaro and his father are closer and when they are pulled apart. Also have them consider what actions in this part of the story would have helped them pull closer instead of apart.

3) Have students write interview questions they would ask either Azaro or his father regarding their relationship in Book One. Collect and redistribute so...

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