The Famished Road Character Descriptions

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Azaro (Lazaro)

This is an abiku who has decided to stay in the world of the Living.

Azaro's father

This character's father was priest of the roads.

Madame Koto

This character was the first in the neighborhood to purchase a car.

The Photographer

This character provided the poison that killed all the rats.

Azaro's Mother

This character prayed in three languages.

The Landlord

This character fell asleep in the home of someone who threw a party and upon awakening the next day this character demanded money.

Blind Old Man

This character played an instrument and during at least two fights caused distractions.

The Green Leopard

This character was a former armed robber turned boxer.

The Yellow Jaguar

This dead boxer came from the swamp and challenged another boxer to a fight.


This is an abiku who wants to return to his spirit friends.


This spirit beggar...

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