The Famished Road Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1

• Azaro is in the spirit world.

• Azaro is abiku and the more he and the others are happy in the spirit world the sooner they are to be reborn.

• Azaro decides to stay among the living in his birth.
• During a compound fire Azaro is kidnapped and escapes into the streets.

• Azaro hears spirit voices which cause him to faint. He is then taken to a police officer's home.

• The officer and his wife treat Azaro like their dead son, which Azaro can see at the dinner table. A spirit follows Azaro.

• Other spirits are drawn to the police officer in his home. Azaro feels very uncomfortable and wants to leave so he calls to his mother, thinking she will hear him.
• After Azaro's mother gets him from the police officer's home she takes him to their new home in a different compound.

• Azaro's father takes him...

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