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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Usher say about his relationship with his sister?
(a) They were close as young children and then drifted apart
(b) It is somewhat distant
(c) They have always been extremely close
(d) They fought terribly as children but were closer as adults

2. What is a feature of one "phantasmagoric" picture that Usher painted and the narrator describes?
(a) A skeleton swinging from a branch
(b) A vault of low walls
(c) A demon with Madeline's features confined in chains
(d) Many demons feasting

3. What does the narrator offer to read to Usher?
(a) "The Charge of the Light Brigade."
(b) The Bible
(c) One of Usher's favorite romances
(d) An epic poem by Homer

4. In what were the evil things that assailed the monarch's "high estate" dressed?
(a) They were naked
(b) Robes of sorrow
(c) Robes of crimson death
(d) Robes of white and gold

5. About what does the narrator say Usher had always been excessive and habitual?
(a) Affection
(b) Laxness in moral character
(c) Reserve
(d) Loyalty

6. How does Usher die?
(a) He jumps out of the window
(b) He dies of fright
(c) His sister kills him with a knife
(d) The narrator kills him by accident

7. What does the narrator often call Usher?
(a) Eccentric
(b) Sadistic
(c) Hypochondriac
(d) Misguided

8. What does Usher believe about plants?
(a) They have no value
(b) They are the only thing one should eat
(c) They are sentient
(d) They are insidious

9. What does the narrator say Usher must not do?
(a) Go outside
(b) Go back to his room
(c) Look outside
(d) Go down to his sister's coffin

10. How does the narrator describe Usher's ideality?
(a) Base
(b) Imaginative
(c) Lofty
(d) Unintelligible

11. Which work of Swedenborg's does the narrator mention?
(a) The White Horse
(b) Heaven and Hell
(c) Doctrine of Life
(d) The Last Judgment

12. What does Usher admit in a lucid moment concerning his gloomy outlook?
(a) It is probably because of his sister's absence for the past several months
(b) It is probably due to his severe and long-standing illness
(c) It is probably because he has not gone anywhere for a while
(d) It is probably due to the extreme overcast weather of late

13. What does the narrator believe is odd about Usher's hair?
(a) That it is now thin and curly when before it had been thick and straight
(b) That it is now the color of Usher's sister's hair
(c) That it is no longer the same color as it was when he and Usher were in school
(d) That it floats around Usher's face rather than lying on the head

14. To what does the narrator compare his depression of the soul?
(a) A post-opiate after-dream
(b) The time when his oldest child died
(c) The time he learned he had to leave his home that he loved
(d) The time when his wife died

15. What sort of activities do Usher and the narrator do together over the next few days?
(a) Wild boar hunting
(b) Playing the harpsichord and singing
(c) Fencing and fox hunting
(d) Painting and reading

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of energy does the narrator believe Usher's chin shows?

2. What does the narrator describe Usher as seeming to pour forth as if it were "an inherent positive quality"?

3. What happens one night when the narrator goes to bed about eight days after Madeline has died?

4. What is one word the author uses to describe the furniture?

5. What does the narrator say is "stern, deep, and irredeemable"?

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