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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lady Madeline do the same evening as the arrival of the narrator?
(a) Leave to go visit a cousin
(b) Go out for a ride and not return
(c) Paint a dark, bleak picture of the house of Usher
(d) Take to her bed and not get up

2. How does Usher die?
(a) The narrator kills him by accident
(b) He dies of fright
(c) His sister kills him with a knife
(d) He jumps out of the window

3. For what had the vault beneath the narrator's apartments once been used in feudal times?
(a) Storing scrolls
(b) Storing food
(c) A bolt hole
(d) Torture and imprisonment

4. What is the creature guarding?
(a) A palace of gold
(b) Pandora's box
(c) A book
(d) The elixir of youth

5. How does the narrator say Usher's voice changes after Madeline dies?
(a) It has a lilt to it
(b) It is even more husky than it used to be
(c) It assumes a tremulous quaver
(d) He never speaks above a whisper

6. What does the hero of Trist believe himself to be?
(a) The slayer of the serpent
(b) The champion of the brazen shield
(c) The new guardian of the hermitage
(d) The defender of the weak

7. What does the narrator see when he looks in Usher's eyes?
(a) Overwhelming grief
(b) A strange calmness
(c) Mad hilarity
(d) Hope

8. For what is the light coming through the windows of the room sufficient?
(a) To read or sew by
(b) To avoid tripping over the furniture
(c) To observe the gaunt frame of the master of the house
(d) To distinguish many of the objects in the room

9. What is the source of the lighting in the painting the narrator describes?
(a) A fire
(b) The narrator is uncertain of the source
(c) A comet
(d) The sun

10. To what does the narrator compare his depression of the soul?
(a) The time when his oldest child died
(b) The time he learned he had to leave his home that he loved
(c) The time when his wife died
(d) A post-opiate after-dream

11. What happens to the trophies of armor when the narrator walks past them?
(a) They rattle
(b) They light up
(c) They bow
(d) Nothing

12. What does Usher try to overcome in the presence of the narrator according to the narrator?
(a) The resentment Usher had always held toward the narrator for the narrator's superior mind
(b) Usher's nervous agitation
(c) The sorrow Usher felt when the narrator's sister rejected his marriage proposal
(d) The rancor the two men felt when they last parted

13. What does the narrator say is the principal feature of the Usher mansion upon closer inspection?
(a) Excessive antiquity
(b) Pretension
(c) Ornate gables
(d) Ostentatious detail

14. Who does the narrator meet on one of the staircases?
(a) The master of the house
(b) Another good friend who went to school with the narrator and Usher
(c) A young boy
(d) The family physician

15. What does the narrator say is dangerous to Usher?
(a) Standing in the rain
(b) Trying to understand the eerie atmosphere outside
(c) Dwelling too long on Madeline
(d) The outside air

Short Answer Questions

1. What word does the narrator use to describe the tapestries?

2. What does the narrator say about the archway that leads into the hall?

3. Who wrote the book that the narrator picks up to soothe Usher?

4. To what does the narrator say Usher seems to be listening?

5. What is one way the narrator said he had been prepared for Usher's present state?

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