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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator describe Usher's demeanor?
(a) Cautious
(b) Aggressive
(c) Restrained hysteria
(d) Confident

2. What is the narrator unable to see in the room?
(a) The colors of the tapestries
(b) The fact that there was someone else in the room besides his friend
(c) The expression on his friend's face
(d) The recesses of the ceiling

3. Where is the ruler in the early part of the song the narrator records?
(a) Drowned in a river
(b) On his throne
(c) On his chariot
(d) There is no ruler

4. What does the narrator say about the archway that leads into the hall?
(a) It was newly repaired
(b) It was of Gothic architecture
(c) There was no archway
(d) It had slimy vines hanging from it

5. What does the narrator say Roderick Usher painted?
(a) Still life
(b) Ideas
(c) Landscapes
(d) Animals

6. Who leads the narrator through the house?
(a) The valet
(b) The cook
(c) The narrator's friend's sister
(d) No one; he goes himself

7. What two aspects of the Usher family does the narrator say the peasantry links together?
(a) Their name and their behavior
(b) Their family name and the family mansion
(c) Their madness and generosity
(d) Their intellect and their eccentricities

8. What about the facade of the mansion seems contradictory?
(a) The bright colors of the soffit compared to the grey of the stone
(b) The care taken with the cornices compared to the haphazard placing of the windows
(c) The fact that the grounds are so well kept compared to the facade of the mansion
(d) The fact that so many individual stones are crumbling but the mansion is still quite intact

9. What feelings arise in the narrator while first gazing upon Usher?
(a) Bitterness and curiosity
(b) Pity and awe
(c) Terror
(d) Anger

10. Why does Usher want to wait a fortnight?
(a) His cousin will have returned for the funeral
(b) The moon will be full again
(c) Usher is suspicious of the physicians' motives
(d) His sister was greatly loved and many people will want to pay their respects

11. How does the narrator describe the window panes?
(a) As being glazed in thick lead
(b) As being enclosed in splintered wood
(c) As being trellised
(d) As being dirty

12. What does the narrator say overtakes him as he watches Lady Madeline leave?
(a) Stupor
(b) The desire to save her
(c) The desire to run out of the house
(d) Embarrassment

13. What is the expression on the face of the person the narrator encounters on the staircase?
(a) Sad
(b) Cunning and perplexed
(c) Exuberant
(d) Welcoming

14. What does the narrator say about Usher after they had placed Madeline's coffin in the vault below the narrator's apartments?
(a) Usher actually smiled a few times
(b) Usher did very little but wander from room to room
(c) Usher burned all his paintings of Madeline
(d) Usher seemed more at peace

15. What word does the narrator use to describe the hours he spends with Usher?
(a) Frightful
(b) Solemn
(c) Lazy
(d) Peaceful

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Usher try to overcome in the presence of the narrator according to the narrator?

2. What does the narrator say is the cause of his initial impression and feelings as he approaches the House of Usher?

3. Who wrote the book that the narrator picks up to soothe Usher?

4. What is the narrator later unable to convey about the time he spent with Usher?

5. What happens to the trophies of armor when the narrator walks past them?

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