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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Roderick Usher hope will happen through a visit by the narrator?
(a) The narrator will endeavor to convince Usher's uncle of Usher's competence
(b) The narrator will convince the judge of the unjustness of the legal situation
(c) The narrator will cheer up Usher
(d) The narrator will fall in love with Usher's sister

2. What is the "grim phantasm"?
(a) A ghost who haunts the House of Usher
(b) The night
(c) Fear
(d) Death

3. What does Usher offer as an example of his belief about plants?
(a) The caterpillar's preference for plants
(b) The wild flowers
(c) The grasses in the meadows
(d) The fungus on the walls of the house

4. What does the narrator say may have originated in the tarn?
(a) The screeching sounds
(b) The electrical phenomena
(c) The feeling of peace pervading the scene
(d) The sounds of moaning

5. In what was much of the vault beneath the narrator's apartments sheathed?
(a) Copper
(b) Iron
(c) Wood
(d) Stone

6. Of what texture is Usher's hair?
(a) Chopped
(b) Wirily
(c) Web-like softness
(d) Coarse

7. Why does the narrator think he should read out loud to Usher?
(a) To distract the narrator from the moaning sounds
(b) It will have a calming effect
(c) To keep the narrator from dashing outside.
(d) To lighten the narrator's mood

8. What color is the light coming through the windows?
(a) Bright blue
(b) Rainbow colored
(c) Dark green
(d) Crimson

9. What is one word the narrator uses to describe the book he picks up to read?
(a) Charming
(b) Uncouth
(c) Prosy
(d) Enlightening

10. What is the setting of the picture the narrator describes?
(a) On another planet
(b) In the depths of the earth
(c) On top of a mountain
(d) In the sky

11. What is one of the Usher's favorite volumes that the narrator and Usher read?
(a) City of the Sun
(b) Journey into the Blue Distance
(c) Directorium Inquisitorium
(d) Subterranean Voyage

12. What does the narrator describe as long and improvised
(a) The fighting songs the two sang together
(b) The paeans to his ancestral lineage
(c) Usher's dirges
(d) Usher's harangues against the gods

13. Into whose dwelling is the hero of Trist trying to enter?
(a) The prince
(b) The hermit
(c) The queen
(d) The monk

14. Who does the narrator meet on one of the staircases?
(a) A young boy
(b) Another good friend who went to school with the narrator and Usher
(c) The family physician
(d) The master of the house

15. For what does Usher think his sister will upbraid him?
(a) For being hasty
(b) His desire to keep her body from the physician
(c) His weak constitution
(d) His belief in the goodness of God

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator describe the window panes?

2. What does the narrator often call Usher?

3. What is the narrator later unable to convey about the time he spent with Usher?

4. Why does the door to the vault below the narrator's apartments make an unusually sharp, grating sound when it is opened?

5. What does the narrator say is the principal feature of the Usher mansion upon closer inspection?

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