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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say he could not remake into something better?
(a) The reason he has come to the House of Usher
(b) The prospects of no work
(c) The cast of gloom coming from the House of Usher
(d) His idea of his future employment

2. What word does the narrator use to describe the hours he spends with Usher?
(a) Peaceful
(b) Solemn
(c) Lazy
(d) Frightful

3. What feelings arise in the narrator while first gazing upon Usher?
(a) Anger
(b) Terror
(c) Pity and awe
(d) Bitterness and curiosity

4. What is the narrator unable to see in the room?
(a) The colors of the tapestries
(b) The expression on his friend's face
(c) The recesses of the ceiling
(d) The fact that there was someone else in the room besides his friend

5. Where is the narrator first conducted when he enters the house of Usher?
(a) The room where he would be staying
(b) The dining room
(c) The master's studio
(d) The gardens

6. What does the narrator believe is odd about Usher's hair?
(a) That it is now the color of Usher's sister's hair
(b) That it is no longer the same color as it was when he and Usher were in school
(c) That it is now thin and curly when before it had been thick and straight
(d) That it floats around Usher's face rather than lying on the head

7. What is the title of the verses Usher composes that the narrator pens in the story?
(a) The Haunted Palace
(b) The Miniature Mind
(c) The Thirty Years of Death
(d) The Tin Palace

8. What deficiency does the narrator note about the Usher family ancestry?
(a) It had included persons of dubious character
(b) That it had a number of issues that were never discussed
(c) That the entire family lay in the direct line of descent
(d) That it was speckled with other races

9. What does the narrator hear through the noises of the storm?
(a) Low and indefinite sounds
(b) Horses galloping
(c) A trumpet blowing
(d) Screaming

10. What about the facade of the mansion seems contradictory?
(a) The bright colors of the soffit compared to the grey of the stone
(b) The fact that so many individual stones are crumbling but the mansion is still quite intact
(c) The fact that the grounds are so well kept compared to the facade of the mansion
(d) The care taken with the cornices compared to the haphazard placing of the windows

11. What two aspects of the Usher family does the narrator say the peasantry links together?
(a) Their name and their behavior
(b) Their madness and generosity
(c) Their family name and the family mansion
(d) Their intellect and their eccentricities

12. What does the narrator believe he hears when he reads about the hero slaying the creature?
(a) A voice saying, You die.
(b) The same sound his imagination conjured in reading the book
(c) Someone else reading the same story in another part of the house
(d) Nothing

13. What is Usher carrying as he knocks on the narrator's door?
(a) A lantern
(b) A book
(c) A Bible
(d) A sword

14. What does the narrator say has occurred nearby?
(a) A lighting strike on a tree
(b) A fire has started in the tarn
(c) The stable's roof has blown off
(d) A whirlwind has collected its force

15. Into whose dwelling is the hero of Trist trying to enter?
(a) The hermit
(b) The queen
(c) The prince
(d) The monk

Short Answer Questions

1. What music does Usher prefer?

2. What does Usher say about the similarity between he and his sister's appearance?

3. What does the narrator say is "stern, deep, and irredeemable"?

4. How does the narrator explain what the two men witnessed when looking out the window?

5. What is one word the author uses to describe the furniture?

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