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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Usher prefer his food to be?
(a) Boiling hot
(b) Cool almost to the point of being cold
(c) Very spicy since he has little ability to taste
(d) Very mild

2. What does Usher admit in a lucid moment concerning his gloomy outlook?
(a) It is probably due to his severe and long-standing illness
(b) It is probably because he has not gone anywhere for a while
(c) It is probably because of his sister's absence for the past several months
(d) It is probably due to the extreme overcast weather of late

3. What does the narrator believe he hears when he reads about the hero slaying the creature?
(a) Nothing
(b) A voice saying, You die.
(c) The same sound his imagination conjured in reading the book
(d) Someone else reading the same story in another part of the house

4. What color are the tree trunks?
(a) Brown
(b) Grey
(c) Yellowed
(d) White

5. What word does the narrator use to describe the hours he spends with Usher?
(a) Peaceful
(b) Frightful
(c) Lazy
(d) Solemn

6. What does the narrator help Usher carry?
(a) Madeline's coffin
(b) Usher's deerhound's body
(c) Stacks of books to a vault in the basement
(d) All the musical instruments that Usher decides to burn

7. Who does the narrator meet on one of the staircases?
(a) Another good friend who went to school with the narrator and Usher
(b) A young boy
(c) The family physician
(d) The master of the house

8. What does Usher think the sounds in the house are?
(a) The acting out of the storm's fury
(b) His sister breaking loose from her coffin
(c) The devil's minions
(d) All his ancestors coming alive

9. What is one word the author uses to describe the furniture?
(a) Well maintained
(b) Fragile
(c) Comfortable
(d) Comfortless

10. For what had the vault beneath the narrator's apartments once been used in feudal times?
(a) Storing scrolls
(b) Torture and imprisonment
(c) A bolt hole
(d) Storing food

11. From where does Usher think he got his malady?
(a) A friend who Usher nursed
(b) A bog on the far reaches of the estate
(c) A family evil
(d) His last trip to India

12. To what does the narrator say Usher seems to be listening?
(a) Music from the drawing room
(b) Imaginary sounds
(c) Usher's own sense of distorted reality
(d) Pleas from the physicians who want Usher to accept sedation

13. What superstitious impression chains Usher?
(a) The belief the garden is full of evil sprites
(b) The belief that Usher's grandfather controls Usher's life from the other side
(c) The belief that the house of Usher had itself caused Usher's malady
(d) The belief that a demon lives in the cellar

14. How often is it likely that the narrator will see Madeline in the future?
(a) At least at chapel on Wednesdays and Sundays
(b) Probably never again
(c) Probably daily as she checks on her brother regularly
(d) Probably at the formal dinners every evening

15. What is the narrator unable to see in the room?
(a) The recesses of the ceiling
(b) The colors of the tapestries
(c) The expression on his friend's face
(d) The fact that there was someone else in the room besides his friend

Short Answer Questions

1. What odors does Usher find oppressive?

2. What appalls the narrator when Usher enters the narrator's rooms?

3. What does the narrator say he could not remake into something better?

4. From what does the narrator say his feelings about Usher must arise?

5. What does the narrator describe Usher as seeming to pour forth as if it were "an inherent positive quality"?

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