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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Fall of the House of Usher.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say is paradoxical about emotions based upon terror?
(a) They are increased upon the contemplation of said emotions
(b) They seldom are without a humorous side
(c) They are born of the feelings of goodness
(d) They are decreased when one chooses to use terror himself

2. What does the narrator do with his horse?
(a) Unsaddles and grooms it and leaves it in a stall
(b) Turns it loose in the pasture
(c) Hands it over to a servant
(d) Ties it to a post

3. Why does Usher want to wait a fortnight?
(a) The moon will be full again
(b) Usher is suspicious of the physicians' motives
(c) His sister was greatly loved and many people will want to pay their respects
(d) His cousin will have returned for the funeral

4. What is one thing the narrator says Roderick Usher writes about to him?
(a) A legal problem
(b) An upcoming marriage
(c) Grievous physical illness
(d) A problem with his inheritance

5. What does the hero of Trist believe himself to be?
(a) The defender of the weak
(b) The new guardian of the hermitage
(c) The slayer of the serpent
(d) The champion of the brazen shield

Short Answer Questions

1. How often is it likely that the narrator will see Madeline in the future?

2. Who leads the narrator through the house?

3. What spreads over the entire exterior of the mansion?

4. What superstitious impression chains Usher?

5. What does Usher think the sounds in the house are?

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