The Fall of the House of Usher Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• The narrator comes to the House of Usher he is filled with a sense of gloom and foreboding. He can do nothing to erase his mood.

• The narrator is a friend of Roderick Usher who has written him and asked him to come to House of Usher.

• Roderick is mentally agitated and hopes a visit from his childhood friend, the narrator, will cheer him.

• The narrator does not know much of Roderick as an adult although he has heard that the House of Usher is passionate about the arts and their line is fading.

• When the narrator is being taken to Roderick’s room he notes that the décor seems to be gloomy. The narrator is shocked at his friend’s appearance.

• Roderick’s features remain essentially the same but have changed drastically. The narrator also finds Roderick somewhat incoherent...

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