The Eyre Affair: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Jasper Fforde
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1. What is SpecOps? Explain the division of SpecOps that Thursday works for.

SpecOps, or the Special Operations Network, was created to handle police duties too strange or specialized to be handled by the regular police forces. SpecOps is separated into divisions classified by number. They cover different areas from Neighborly Disputes to Chronoguard. Thursday works for the Literary Detectives (SO-27), which deals with crimes against literature.

2. Explain what happens when Thursday's father visits, and why.

When Thursday's father visits, time slows until it's standing still. Sometimes he asks her questions about history. The reason this happens is that he was a member of the Chronoguard, which polices crimes against time, but went rogue and is now being hunted by the Chronoguard.

3. When the Martin Chuzzlewit manuscript is stolen, what two things does Thursday discover that are strange about the crime scene?

When the Martin Chuzzlewit manuscript is stolen, Thursday notices that the glass on the display case appears warped, and that the security tapes make it appear as though the manuscript disappeared into thin air.

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