Objects & Places from The Eyre Affair: A Novel

Jasper Fforde
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These inventions by Mycroft feed on words and expel synonyms.

Prose Portal

This invention by Mycroft is stolen by Acheron Hades.

Plasma Rifle

This invention does not work in the real world.

356 Speedster

This is bought by Thursday after she sees herself with it, and it is brightly painted.


This is the specific division Thursday works for.


This is the specific division Thursday's father worked for, and is now being hunted by.


The sole purpose of this highly secretive division is to hunt Acheron Hades.


This is a special police force in England, divided into departments.

Goliath Corporation

This company helped rebuild England. They provide everything people need, so their motto is "From cradle to coffin."

Martin Chuzzlewit

A minor character from this novel is found murdered in the streets of London.

Jane Eyre

This novel was published under the pseudonym Currer Bell...

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