The Eyre Affair: A Novel Fun Activities

Jasper Fforde
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The 356 Speedster or Pickwick

Draw Thursday's brightly-colored sports car or Pickwick as you imagine them to look.

The Report

Write up Spike's police report on the vampire slaying in the abandoned school.

The News Story

Write a news story about Thursday Next. Include whatever information you feel is relevant.

Name That Fruit!

Create the directions and rules for the game show Name That Fruit!, then play it.

SpecOps wants you!

Create a recruiting brochure for SpecOps. Use what you learn in the story to sell the career to potential officers.

The Goliath Corporation

Create a television or radio ad for the Goliath Corporation.

Dear Dad Next

Write a letter from Mom Next to Dad Next. What would she want to say to him to catch him up in the lives of his family?

The Raven Resignation

Since Jack Schitt is trapped in a copy of The Poems of...

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