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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who offers to help Rand with his bad dreams?
(a) Egwene.
(b) Moiraine.
(c) Lan.
(d) Thom.

2. What happens once the ferry reaches the other side of the river?
(a) The ferrymen try to attack Lan.
(b) Rand has a strange hallucination.
(c) A whirlpool swallows the ferry whole.
(d) Egwene has a minor panic attack.

3. What does Elyas say when Perrin complains about the slow pace?
(a) He should be gaining strength and information.
(b) He should not rush towards danger.
(c) He should calm his mind.
(d) He should trust his senses.

4. What road does the group follow after leaving Baerlon?
(a) The Cammerman Road.
(b) The Camerlengo Road.
(c) The Camentralga Road.
(d) The Caemlyn Road.

5. Who does Elan Morin say killed all of Lews' family?
(a) Lews.
(b) The Aies Sedai.
(c) The Shadow King.
(d) The Dark Lord.

6. What does Lan call regular people working for the Dark One?
(a) The Used.
(b) Darkfriends.
(c) Dream Followers.
(d) Traitors.

7. What happens to people who touch the Mashadar mist?
(a) They die.
(b) They are marked.
(c) They lose their sight.
(d) They go crazy.

8. What does Moiraine make to block the path of the Trollocs after Lan kills the Myrddraal?
(a) A deep moat.
(b) A wall of fire.
(c) A whirling cyclone.
(d) A mountain.

9. What does Rand see fly across the moon at the beginning of his journey?
(a) A bat.
(b) A dark spirit.
(c) A dragon.
(d) A Draghkar.

10. What does Moiraine say the Trollocs were looking for in their attack?
(a) Aes Sedai hiders.
(b) Hidden soldiers from the Dark Army.
(c) Weapons.
(d) Boys of a certain age.

11. Who sends Nynaeve to get Rand?
(a) Tam.
(b) The Women's Circle.
(c) The Men's Council.
(d) The Mayor.

12. What is etched on Tam's sword?
(a) Flames.
(b) Ancient script.
(c) A heron.
(d) An eagle.

13. Why does Tam think Two Rivers is safe from the war?
(a) They have no precious resources.
(b) They have always been peaceful.
(c) It is far from the war path.
(d) It is very isolated.

14. Who is the first person to see Rand after the Trolloc attack?
(a) The Mayor.
(b) The baker.
(c) The blacksmith.
(d) The innkeeper.

15. What does Perrin plan to do if they are attacked by the flock of ravens?
(a) Kill Egwene.
(b) Call the wolves to him.
(c) Ask Egwene to use the One Power.
(d) Cover Egwene with his own body.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of animal can Elyas talk to?

2. Who is the man by the fire who does not dance while Thom plays his flute?

3. What do Myrddraal NOT have?

4. What happens to the Trollocs when Lan kills the Myrddraal who is leading them?

5. What does Lan tell rand about Tam's sword?

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