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Prologue, Dragonmount | Chapter 1, An Empty Road

• Lews is standing in his palace that is in shambles and everywhere around him is death and destruction. He is calling for his wife, who is dead before him.

• Elan Morin comes in and heals the confused Lews with the Dark Power. It is painful, and when he comes to, he weeps for his dead wife and asks what happened.

• Morin tells him that he killed her and everyone else who carried his blood. Lews uses the symbol around his neck to travel away.

• Using the One Power, he makes a mighty mountain and forces the river to make it a great island. No more is seen of Lews.

• Rand and his father Tam are heading to the village for the festival. They are bringing apple brandy and cider.

• Rand sees a cloaked figure on the road and gets a strange queasy...

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