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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Powell and his party left on October 28, where were they headed?
(a) Hopi country.
(b) Anazansi country.
(c) Ute country.
(d) Navajo country.

2. Why were so many gathered at the Fort on October 30?
(a) To receive rations and annuities.
(b) To escape an impending storm.
(c) To trade goods and wares at market.
(d) To welcome Powell's party.

3. Why might the expedition have to be cut short in Chapter XI?
(a) Indian attack.
(b) Loneliness of the crew.
(c) Food spoilage.
(d) Illness.

4. What date is it at the end of Chapter X?
(a) July 30.
(b) August 30.
(c) August 5.
(d) August 12.

5. What did the group need to build at the beginning of Chapter XIII?
(a) A dam.
(b) A bridge.
(c) A fort.
(d) A flatboat.

6. What did "Emma Dean" lose on July 11th?
(a) Guns.
(b) Rations.
(c) Oars.
(d) Food.

7. Which boat was capsized on July 21st?
(a) "No Name."
(b) "Kitty Clude's Sister."
(c) "Emma Dean."
(d) "Maid of the Canyon."

8. Which boat took on water during the dangerous rapids on August 14th?
(a) "Maid of the Canyon."
(b) "Emma Dean."
(c) "Kitty Clyde's Sister."
(d) "Non Name."

9. Why did the crew stop for a day on July 18th?
(a) To wait for the rapids to settle.
(b) To repair Powell's broken leg.
(c) To repair boats and equipment.
(d) To wait for an Indian tribe.

10. On July 26th, Powell climbed a canyon and reached pinion pines. What did he collect?
(a) Birds nests.
(b) Pine needles.
(c) Pine cones.
(d) Pitch.

11. After crossing the river, what was the name of the summit they reached?
(a) Rocky Point.
(b) Echo Cliff.
(c) Ring of Fire.
(d) Hollows Alley.

12. Who explored the Kaibab Plateau with Powell?
(a) Captain Bishop.
(b) Mr. Graves.
(c) Mr. Hamblin.
(d) No one.

13. What was Powell sitting near at the end of Chapter XII?
(a) A lake.
(b) A grove of trees.
(c) A teepee.
(d) A cliff.

14. Which of the following was not seen by the crew in Chapter X?
(a) Wide Mouth Canyon.
(b) Glen Canyon.
(c) Dirty Devil River.
(d) Marble Canyon.

15. At base camp on September 17th, how did Powell plan on reloading supplies?
(a) Packing supplies on mules.
(b) Burying enough rations to last in the sand.
(c) Employing Indians to bring them down the canyon.
(d) Sending a member of his team to the nearest village.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Powell returned to camp on June 20th, what did the men eat for dinner?

2. What did the men hunt on July 27th?

3. What happened to the three men that left the first expedition early?

4. Where must the party reach, after setting out on October 29?

5. What does Toom'pin Tuweap' mean?

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