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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the crew find at the mouth of the San Rafael?
(a) Arrowheads.
(b) Baskets.
(c) Ashes.
(d) Pottery.

2. Why were so many gathered at the Fort on October 30?
(a) To welcome Powell's party.
(b) To trade goods and wares at market.
(c) To escape an impending storm.
(d) To receive rations and annuities.

3. What ceremony did Powell witness at one of the Indian villages?
(a) Baptism.
(b) Invocation to the gods for rain.
(c) Burial ritual.
(d) Prayer service in a sweat lodge.

4. What was the weather like when the men camped on a shelf in Chapter XI?
(a) Snowing.
(b) Cold.
(c) Raining.
(d) Hot.

5. What did the group find at Thousand Wells?
(a) An Indian village.
(b) Pools of water.
(c) Woven baskets.
(d) Supplies and provisions.

6. In the Mormon town of Schunesburg, what did Powell and his party feast on?
(a) Melons and grapes.
(b) Fish and figs.
(c) Venison.
(d) Acorns and tortillas.

7. Near the pinion pines that Powell reached, what difficulty did he face?
(a) He was temporarily lost.
(b) Dehydration.
(c) A downpour of rain.
(d) Attacked by Indians.

8. Where is "The Chasm of Colorado" located?
(a) The capitol of the United States.
(b) The British Museum.
(c) The Grand Canyon Visitor's Bureau.
(d) A museum in Phoenix.

9. Which of the following was not an Indian village the group visited?
(a) Shumopav.
(b) Shupanlovi.
(c) Shoshone.
(d) Mashongnavi.

10. On July 26th, Powell climbed a canyon and reached pinion pines. What did he collect?
(a) Pitch.
(b) Pine cones.
(c) Pine needles.
(d) Birds nests.

11. Who did Powell visit at the Uinta settlement?
(a) Brujhue.
(b) Shoshone.
(c) Dhudit.
(d) Tsauwiat.

12. How many men continued on after September 1?
(a) 4.
(b) 6.
(c) 5.
(d) 3.

13. At base camp on September 17th, how did Powell plan on reloading supplies?
(a) Packing supplies on mules.
(b) Employing Indians to bring them down the canyon.
(c) Burying enough rations to last in the sand.
(d) Sending a member of his team to the nearest village.

14. When was the party ready to cross the river by boat?
(a) Ocotber 8.
(b) October 12.
(c) September 26.
(d) October 4.

15. What date is it at the end of Chapter X?
(a) August 30.
(b) August 12.
(c) July 30.
(d) August 5.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the performance by the Indians, what did the young boy ask his mother to do?

2. Who did Powell get in a dangerous situation with climbing cliffs in Chapter VIII?

3. What feature of the landscape awed Powell on August 14th?

4. On July 18th, how long did Powell estimate their rations will last?

5. How long of an expedition was Powell planning for in Chapter XII?

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