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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relation between Lao Hong and Lao Chen?
(a) They are brother and sister.
(b) They are best friends.
(c) They are brothers.
(d) They are cousins.

2. With what does Lao Chen show a remarkable ability when very young?
(a) With growing flowers.
(b) With music.
(c) With poetry.
(d) With languages.

3. Why are Chen and Hong in the custody of the magistrate?
(a) He thinks the letter Chen is carrying is about treason.
(b) He thinks the letter Hong is carrying is about treason.
(c) He is suspicious of Chen being a charlaton.
(d) Someone said the boys were taking rice out of the paddies.

4. Who is Hong observing to decide if the man can be trusted?
(a) Ye Pan.
(b) Ye Po.
(c) Wang Be.
(d) Wong Be.

5. What does the Magistrate decide to do to find out if the boys are who they say?
(a) Quiz Chen.
(b) Torture Hong.
(c) Torture Chen.
(d) Search their belongings.

6. What nickname has Lao Chen earned?
(a) Flowering Jasmine.
(b) Rose Prince.
(c) Haiku Prince.
(d) Flowering Talent.

7. What did Lao Chen learn by age four?
(a) More Chinese characters than most adults ever learn.
(b) To play the ruan.
(c) To write perfect haiku.
(d) To play the guzheng.

8. What does Chen worry about concerning the customs officers?
(a) Not having any money for a bribe.
(b) They will not believe he is a scholar.
(c) They will keep Hong from entering since Hong is not a scholar.
(d) Losing his jad ink stone.

9. What does Chen ask Shen Ding one night?
(a) What he will do if he cannot become a top scholar.
(b) If he wants to marry soon.
(c) If his family is poor.
(d) If he tried to bribe the examiners.

10. Why did Chen go to from where he is returning?
(a) He works half a day to earn money to take exams.
(b) He went there to register.
(c) A scholar in a nearby town summons him.
(d) He is learning to swim.

11. What is Chen able to do that surprises the Magistrate?
(a) Add large sums of money in his head.
(b) Write calligraphy.
(c) Write a haiku poem in less than a minute.
(d) Quote literature passages from memory.

12. To whom does Zhu Tong speak as an equal?
(a) Lu.
(b) Hong.
(c) Bao.
(d) Chen.

13. What does the magistrate say will happen the next day?
(a) The boys will be fined and let go.
(b) The boys will be released after a messenger goes to their village.
(c) The boys will be hung.
(d) The boys will be whipped publicly.

14. Who is the White Lotus?
(a) A Buddhist sect.
(b) A secret police group answerable to the Emperor.
(c) A European group who devote their lives to the teachings of Confucius.
(d) A group of scholars who study past Chinese dynasties.

15. What has Chen done as a result of his mother's tutelage?
(a) Created new strains of roses.
(b) Passed the first government examination for a position.
(c) Written a musical score for the emperor.
(d) Taught his cousin how to read and write.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who kills Fire Star?

2. Who is Gao Shi?

3. In what province do Lao Chen and Lao Hong live?

4. What does Landlord Ma do when he gets upset with Chen?

5. What does Hong learn about Ye Pan?

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