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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 253-269.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Hong and Chen do in Chongqing?
(a) Meet up with Ding again.
(b) Purchase passage to Wuhan.
(c) Work for several weeks to earn money.
(d) Send a message to Lu.

2. What happens to exams with poor handwriting?
(a) They are automatically marked on level lower.
(b) They are considered the same as any other exam.
(c) They are given back to the recipent to re-write.
(d) They are thrown out.

3. Why do Hong and Chen leave in haste for Beijing?
(a) Yuying takes offense and tells her father.
(b) Meng wishes them to take a letter that needs to arrive quickly.
(c) The river is flooded and it will be slow going.
(d) The exams have been moved up.

4. What does the magistrate not believe?
(a) That Hong is a soldier.
(b) That Hong is a scholar.
(c) That the boys are going to Beijing.
(d) That Chen is a scholar.

5. Where do Hong and Chen go after stopping in Wuhan?
(a) They return to Chongqing.
(b) They stay in Wuhan for more exams.
(c) They return home.
(d) Juijiang.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hong agree to do?

2. What does Hong say he will consider?

3. What does Landlord Ma offer in order to convince Chen to marry his daughter?

4. Who is Ni Fenglin?

5. What happens when the ship is traveling on an especially treacherous stretch of the river?

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