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This is the district in western China where the Lao brothers live.


This is the capital of the province where the Lao brothers live and the location of the provincial exams.


This is the city along the Yangtze River where Chen looks for Meng Dafu, who has moved on.


This is the capital city of China and the home of the Chinese emperor.


This is the city along the Yangtze River visited by the Lao brothers on their journey.

Yangtze River

One of the major rivers of China, this runs mainly eastward through the center of the country.

Yellow River

Another primary river in China, it is north of the Yangtze.

Grand Canal

This connects Beijing with the Yangtze River.


This is the series of academic tests offered to Chinese scholars.

Analects of Confucius

This is the collection of the sayings of...

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