The Examination Character Descriptions

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Lao Hong

He is a Chinese boy about fifteen years old who is living in a village in the Tianquan district of China in the sixteenth century.

Lao Chen

He also called Two Brother, is the older brother of Lao Hong.

Lao Lu

He is the father of Hong and Chen.


Hong and Chen's mother was an educated woman, which was rare in China at this time in history.


She is the daughter of a wealthy family in the home village of Hong and Chen.

Ye Pan

He is a barber in Chengdu, indirectly introduced to Hong through his schoolmaster.

Gao Shi

He is the examiner of the provincial exams in Chengdu.


He is a boy in the captive service of the pirates who take Hong and Chen hostage.

General Ma

He is a high-ranking army officer who Hong seeks out to deliver a letter...

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