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Short Answer Questions

1. What two important elements from the past did the arrival of Christ unite, according to Chesterton?

2. What does the intellectual distinction that Chesterton sees in Christ suggest to him?

3. Which of the following does Chesterton find striking about the story and teachings of Jesus?

4. When morality and faith in the gods was crumbling in Rome, what else does Chesterton say was crumbling?

5. What statement does Chesterton make about Wells's outline of the world?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important role does Herod play in the Christmas story as Chesterton sees it?

2. What was the religious state of Rome when Christ appeared?

3. What comprises the last chapter of the book "The Everlasting Man"? Summarize what it says.

4. Explain what Chesterton meant when he said the birth of Christ turned the universe inside out, or that the circumference had been turned into the center.

5. How does Chesterton prove that you can determine the beliefs of the church by what it rejected?

6. Explain the logic behind Chesterton's statement, "If the ecclesiastical and dogmatic system is as old as the Pentecost then it is as old as Christmas."

7. How does Chesterton connect Christ's intellectual ability to his claim of divinity?

8. Why does Chesterton attempt to look at the Gospels as one who had never seen them before?

9. What reason does Chesterton give for presenting the last chapter in this fashion?

10. Explain the difference that Chesterton sees in the wandering of Christ from the wandering of other philosophers.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chesterton describes the history of Asia as flat and uneventful, but a brief look into Asia's history shows a land of color and change. Write an essay about the history of Asia over the last two thousand years or so.

Part 1. What was Asia like at the beginning of Christendom? Which religions were most widespread?

Part 2. Write a history of Asia that includes the rise and fall of the major empires, the spread of religions, and the various occupations of different parts of Asia throughout history. Make sure to include the rise and spread of Buddhism.

Part 3. How does this history compare to Chesterton's portrayal of the history of Asia? How does it affect his arguments?

Essay Topic 2

Chesterton's arguments that Buddhism is not a religion and does not have ethics, and that the church is unique in its ability to endure social change is thrown into question by Buddhism itself. Write an essay on Buddhism.

Part 1. Write about the historical spread of Buddhism - when and where it was founded, its subsequent existence and spread throughout history, and its various different types.

Part 2. Who was Buddha? Describe the founder of Buddhism and his teachings.

Part 3. Describe the five precepts, or the code of ethics, in Buddhism.

Part 4. Analyze Chesterton's position on Buddhism in light of your research.

Essay Topic 3

On page 82 Chesterton refers to Comtism. Auguste Comte's positivistic philosophy states that metaphysics and theology should be replaced by a hierarchy of sciences. Write an essay about the philosophies of Auguste Comte.

Part 1. Who was Auguste Comte? Write a short biography of the man.

Part 2. What philosophy is he known for? Discuss positivism and Comtism.

Part 3. How do the philosophies of Comte differ from the positions of Chesterton?

Part 4. What is your reaction to the philosophies of Comte?

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