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1. In the beginning of the introduction, Chesterton uses an analogy of a boy leaving his farmland home and looking back on his homeland as he does so. What is he trying to explain or make clear with this analogy?

Chesterton is trying to explain how someone can be too close to something to see its true nature. In the analogy, the boy is only able to see his relationship to the things around him (specifically that he is a giant) when he is far away from his home and can see it all from a distance. The point Chesterton is trying to make is that people can be too close to Christianity and the church to see its true nature.

2. How does Chesterton define the view of non-Christians who live in a Christian society?

Chesterton sees the views of people who have been raised around Christianity but who are not Christians as reactionary and far too emotionally charged to be objective.

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