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This was one the West's greatest civilizations in antiquity. It produced art and philosophy that retains its value to this day.


This was the apex of Pagan civilization. It rose to prominence after fending off the Carthaginians in the sometimes desperate Punic wars.


This was a city in northern Africa which prospered largely on account of its highly efficient and hard-working culture. It was destroyed during the Punic Wars.

The Catholic Church

This is, according to Chesterton, the living messenger of Christ's Gospel.


This is the belief-system based on the teachings of a Chinese philosopher. It teaches one how to live one's daily life, often with a focus more on etiquette than morality.


This is an Oriental belief-system. According to its doctrines, one achieves happiness, or a kind of blissful oblivion, by eradicating desires.


This is a religion founded by the Prophet...

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