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Introduction: On The Creature Called Man

1. Why does Chesterton claim that some people have difficulty perceiving Christianity correctly?
(a) They cannot separate the religion from history.
(b) Their personal experiences as Christians get in the way.
(c) They are too close to it.
(d) All of these.

2. Who does Chesterton claim to be the best judge of Christianity?
(a) An atheist.
(b) A Confucian.
(c) An agnostic.
(d) A Christian.

3. Who does Chesterton say would be the second best judge of Christianity?
(a) An atheist.
(b) A Christian.
(c) An agnostic.
(d) A Confucian.

4. What tactic does Chesterton recommend that people use to see Christianity more fairly?
(a) Pretend it is a foreign pagan religion and give it the same respect.
(b) Temporarily embrace it as a faith to see it from the inside.
(c) Dabble in another religion to have something for comparison.
(d) Talk to foreigners about Christianity and accept their views.

5. Which of the following is a statement that Chesterton makes?
(a) The next best thing to being really inside Christendom is to be really outside it.
(b) The moment we are really impartial about it, we know why people are partial to it.
(c) The church is justified, not because her children do not sin, but because they do.
(d) All of these.

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