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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was killed trying to settle Florida?

2. There was an Indian __________ business and many smugglers.

3. What happens when the rain stops?

4. There are usually ________________ in late September and October.

5. These people are believed to have arrived in the Everglades around ________ AD.

Short Essay Questions

1. How successful were the French in Florida? Why?

2. How were the Native Americans treated by the European countries who sent out explorers? Why?

3. Describe the first Indians in Florida. How do they compare to other tribes around the U.S?

4. Who did Carlos give Menendez as a wife? Why?

5. How might the Indians who were the first to travel to Europe feel? Why?

6. Describe the funeral customs of the Tekesta. Why might they have done this?

7. How did the Indians react to the arrival of these Europeans?

8. Why was no one able to lead the Indians?

9. What is the Age of Exploration? Why did it take place?

10. Why was Mexico more desired than Florida?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Miami and other nearby cities prospered in the years following the depression.

Part 1) Describe the events leading up to the Great Depression. What was the Great Depression? How was the country as a whole affected by it? How was Florida affected? How does this compare to the effects on the rest of the country? Explain.

Part 2) Why did Miami and other nearby cities prosper after the Great Depression? What does this reveal about these cities, Florida, and the rest of the country?

Part 3) Is Florida as popular today as it was after the Great Depression? Why or why not? Would you want to live in Florida? Why or why not? Why might people still be drawn to this state?

Essay Topic 2

Slaves escaped to Florida.

Part 1) Describe the slave trade in the Americas. When did it begin? For how long did it last? Why did it take place? How was Florida affected by it? Why?

Part 2) Why did slaves escape to Florida? What was life like for them? How did Florida's becoming a slave state affect this influx of slaves into Florida?

Part 3) How did the end of the Civil War also affect the flow of blacks into Florida? How have blacks been important in the state of Florida? How might this be seen today?

Essay Topic 3

Florida became a slave state.

Part 1) When did Florida become a state? Why did it become a state? Why did it become a slave state? How did this affect other whites, Native Americans, and blacks? How did its becoming a slave state reflect the turmoil taking place in the U.S. at the time?

Part 2) How did the ending of the Civil War change the lives of slaves and slave owners in Florida? Initially, was this good or bad for the state of Florida? Why? How might these changes reflect life for those living in other slave states?

Part 3) Why were there slaves states and free states? What does this distinction reveal about those living in the states? How did it reflect relations between free and slave states? How are these differences still seen today?

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