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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters VII and IX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Boats frequently left ____________ for Florida and the Indians would wait for them.
(a) St. George's.
(b) Oranjestad.
(c) Nassau.
(d) Havana.

2. There was an Indian __________ business and many smugglers.
(a) Indentured servent.
(b) Bride.
(c) Slave.
(d) Education.

3. Man did not originate in the Everglades or Florida. The Indians moved to Florida. In the beginning, there were how many races?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) Two.
(d) Four.

4. In ___________, America purchased Florida from the Spanish.
(a) 1818.
(b) 1828.
(c) 1808.
(d) 1798.

5. The _________ settled along the East coast.
(a) Mayaimi.
(b) Calusa.
(c) Tekesta.
(d) Jeaga.

Short Answer Questions

1. The French and _____________ had established settlements in the Americas.

2. Spain obtained control of Florida again after what?

3. On the East coast, they boiled the flesh from the bones, tied the bones together and added them to what?

4. Who was given the right to explore Florida and to conquer the people from Florida to northern Mexico?

5. There are rivers and other small creeks that flow into what lake?

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