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This is a southeastern state with the southernmost reach in the United States.

Lake Okeechobee

This is a large fresh water lake located above the Everglades in Florida.

The Everglades

This is a grassy wetland in Florida that lies below Lake Okeechobee and is approximately seven hundred fifty square miles.

The Gulf of Mexico

This is the body of water to the west of the Everglades.

Everglade Keys

These are a group of rocky islands in Florida.

Ten Thousand Islands

These are located on the western side of central Florida.

Cape Sable

This is a peninsula located in the southernmost western part of the Everglades.

Jupiter Inlet

This is on the east coast of Florida, directly east of Lake Okeechobee.

Indian Key

This, also known as Biscayne, is located on the east coast of Florida near the present city of Miami.

Marco Key

This is located on...

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