The Everglades: River of Grass Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Chapter I

1. There are rivers and other small creeks that flow into what lake?
(a) Lake Adelaide.
(b) Lake Norris.
(c) Lake Okeechobee.
(d) Lake Isis.

2. How are these rivers and creeks formed?
(a) From yearly snowfall.
(b) From mountain streams.
(c) From many hurricanes.
(d) From rain water and springs.

3. The area receives an average of ________________ inches of rainfall per year.
(a) Thirty-five.
(b) Fifty-five.
(c) Forty-five.
(d) Sixty-five.

4. The rains begin in ________________.
(a) April or May.
(b) March or April.
(c) June or July.
(d) May or June.

5. How long does the rain last?
(a) For four or five hours.
(b) For two or three hours.
(c) For three or four hours.
(d) For an hour or two.

6. How many days does it usually rain in a row?
(a) Once per week.
(b) Every other day.
(c) Once every other week.
(d) Every day.

7. The rains usually end by the end of _________.
(a) May.
(b) April.
(c) March.
(d) June.

8. What happens when the rain stops?
(a) A short cold winter.
(b) A long hot summer.
(c) A long cold winter.
(d) A short hot summer.

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